Kullu Shawls

Himachali handicraft has admirers from all around the world. They are famous for its traditional, ancient designs and its unique craftsmanship and among them all “Kullu Shawls” hold most elite position. It is most recognized and famous of all other Himachali crafts and this website is dedicated to Kullu Shawls only.

Kullu shawls are in great demand among tourists which lures many outside manufacturers to produce fake and cheap factory (powerloom) made shawls and sell it to grab a good deal of fortune in the name of famous Kullu Shawls. So this website is intended to promote original Kullu Shawls and to provide information and guide those who are interested in knowing and buying authentic stuff.

A brief info about Kullu Shawls

Kullu Shawls are well known all around the world for its simple and elegant designs and its fine woolen fabric and manufacturing quality. Kullu shawls are worn by both: men and women, but men’s shawls are usually called "Loi" or "Pattu" and are often plain without any pattern or very minimal patterned stripes on two edges.


Kullu shawls are mostly made of three types of wool: Merino wool, Angora wool and Local sheep wool. These different kinds of wools are sometime used combined to make more varieties. Designs patterns are mostly geometric shapes with few exceptions where floral designs are used.


Cost of these shawls can vary significantly depending on its design and other factors. Despite its expensive cost hand woven shawls are very popular with its admirers because of its organic nature(handmade), beautiful, elegant design and its warm woolen fabric.

Prices of Kullu shawls depend on these factors: design patterns, the amount of those patterns in shawls, the wool type and the quality of the fabric made of those wools. Prices can range between Rs. 800/- to Rs 10,000/-. Higher cost shawls are also available in the market but they are often difficult to find.

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